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What is a Printer & type of printer

Published on 26/05/2018
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  • Printer the output information from the computer onto a paper.
  • Printer is general used to print text, graphical information.

Printer divided two category: – Impact Printer and Non-Impact Printer

  1. Impact Printer
  • Can Print a Character
  • Low-Cost useful for bulk printing.

Impact Printer either following types

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  1. Dot Matrix Printer
  • Speed of lies between 200 and 600 character per second.
  • Resolution ranges from 72 to 360 dpi.
  • Normally used two sizes 80 column printer and 132 column printer
  • This printer can print alphanumerical (अङ्क र अक्षर दुबै) character, special character, chart and graphs.
  • They can print only black and white.
  • This printer are commonly used for printing in application like payroll and accounting.
  1. Daisy wheel Printer
  • it’s is sold font character print.
  • It’s printer are can only print text (no graphic)
  1. Non-Impact Printer
  • Fast and quieter than impact printer
  • High quality output

Non-Impact Printer either following types

  1. Ink-jet Printer
  • Resolution ranges more than 500 dpi.
  • They produce high quality text and graphic.
  1. Laser Printer
  • The laser printer can print 5-24 page of text per minute.
  • Resolution ranges from 400 to 1200 dpi.
  • They are fast and expensive than impact printer.

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