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Two Academic Sessions will be Conducted from Ashar

Published on 12/02/2021
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The government has amended the education regulations to manage school level academic sessions. The government has amended the regulations after it was not possible to conduct a new academic session in April due to the coronavirus epidemic.

After the amendment of the rules, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has got the right to set the date of the new academic session. According to Gopinath Mainali, secretary at the Ministry of Education, the government has made a provision to change the academic session due to special circumstances (COVID-19). Now a new date has been set for the academic session. ‘

The ministry has started homework to start two academic sessions from June. “We have started the homework of holding the academic session from July 1 this year and next year,” said Secretary Mainalil.

SEE in May

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The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) will be conducted by the National Examination Board in May. “The SEE board has decided to do it but it will be done with the cooperation of the states,” he said.

Last year, the SEE school was given an assessment. However, the government has decided to run the examination board after the school gave arbitrary marks. ‘Pohor School has caused a lot of complaints. Even the local level is not in a position to do so now. That is why it has been decided to conduct the examination by the board itself, ”he said.

Arrangements will be made for the students to study and give SEE from a suitable place. ‘The first school to register. It was to be checked from there. The students have gone home because of Corona. He may have studied from a nearby school. Provision has been made in the regulations to facilitate that, ‘said Secretary Mainali.

He said that the school level education will be completed within the second week of May. ‘Because of Kovid, there was no class till August. We went to the alternative mode from September. It was good in accessible areas but not effective everywhere. All the schools have been open since January 1. As the syllabus has been adjusted, the course will be completed by the second week of May, ‘he said.

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