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Tribhuvan University Annual Examination After The Dashai

Published on 29/08/2020
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The annual examination of Tribhuvan University (TU) will be held on the 10th. Pushparaj Joshi, Controller of Examinations of the Examination Control Office (Panika) informed that the examination is being prepared after the tenth as the annual examination is not possible immediately after the infection of Kovid-19 started increasing.

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Panika has given the responsibility of conducting the annual examination herself and the semester examination to the concerned dean’s office. Earlier, Panika was preparing to conduct the annual examination from September 16 from the first week of September and September after the vehicle was operated with the lockdown. “In the current situation, it is not easy to take any exam before ten o’clock,” he said.

According to him, preparations will be made to conduct the examination from November 3 or 4. Panika is preparing to conduct the examination from November 20 to Chait. Comptroller Joshi informed that there would be no impact on the academic calendar after the completion of all the remaining examinations by Chait. Panika aims to complete the four-year educational program in 48 months. Now those four-year educational programs are completed in 45 to 46 months.

Virtual exams are impossible with many students

Controller of Examinations, Joshi, said that discussions will be held on how to conduct the examination after the dean’s office submits the report including the outline of the semester system examination. “There is talk of taking the exam through virtual means,” he said. He said that the examination through virtual medium was not possible at the level where there were many students in the semester system.

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