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tsc nepal
tsc nepal

Temporary Teacher Came To Examination Result Nera At Dashai

Published on 31/07/2018
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Bhaktapur. Preparation for the temporary test examination conducted on September 29 and last on December 29 has been prepared for publicity. The Preparation Service has started preparing to publicize the result of the temporary teacher examination conducted for the teachers.

According to the Commission, the publication committee has said that the result of the copy of the examination process has started. Chairman of the Commission, Tanana Gautam, informed that if there is no major obstacle in the meantime, it is planned to take the results ten years before.

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Gautam says that copying of coding coding has started and it is ready for double coding and prepared for testing. More than a hundred test examined by the commission will test the test by sitting in the commission.

Less than needed competition: In the primary level, temporary teacher examination has competed at least 42 times. Gautam said that 15 thousand 699 people were present in the examination for 16 thousand 532 posts for the veneration.

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According to the Commission, 22,200 people were participating in the same level for the total 22 thousand 76 posts. 3,575 people have competed for the nomination for 3, 2,234 posts. Similarly, 2,970 people have competed in the middle level of 2,200 posts. In less than one of the required posts, the remaining positions will be left open. Gautam has said that the open advertisement of the open open-up is now open by combining all these posts till the end of this year.

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