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The authority of SEE cannot be transferred to the province

Published on 23/01/2021
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Due to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, the issue of conducting and certifying the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) has become confusing.

A meeting of the Social Committee under the Council of Ministers on December 3 had agreed in principle to operate SEE at the state level. The committee will be chaired by the Home Minister and will include the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, the Minister of Health and Population, the Minister of Law, and the Minister of Women, Children and Social Welfare. The law minister did not raise any objection in the meeting. Later, the Ministry of Law said that there was a legal hurdle in transferring the rights of SEE examination to the state and added that it would not be possible until the law is amended. After that hurdle, the issue has reached the Legislative Committee of the Council of Ministers.

A senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Office of the Council of Ministers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “The matter was settled last December but it is not clear how to resolve the issue as the Ministry of Law cannot transfer the SEE to the state without enacting a law.”

The Education Act clearly states that the Secondary Education Class 10 and the Secondary Level Examination (Class 12) will be conducted by the National Examination Board. Therefore, the board has the right to certify it. The same act states that class 10 examination will be held at regional level. According to the officials of the office, the issue of certification is more important than conducting the examination, so the issue of certification cannot be handed over to the state unless it is clarified in the law.

However, the Education Act states that the final examination of the basic level will be conducted at the district level. But at present, that level examination is being conducted at Palika level. The Local Government Operation Act empowers the municipality to evaluate basic education. But law ministry officials say that is not enough. Therefore, the officials of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Education have been arguing that the SEE should be given to the states as it was given to the municipality in practice, even though there is no amendment in the Education Act.

“Laws should be enacted to implement the provisions of Schedule 9 of the Constitution of Nepal, so the Ministry of Law has not sided with the state government that the state government has no right to certify the certificate,” the official said.

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Last month, the social committee had decided to issue the certificate in the name of the board even though the SEE was run by the state education directorate.

It was agreed that the examination board would be chaired by the secretary of the state’s social development ministry and the state education director would also be given the responsibility of the controller of examinations. The Office of Control for Examinations (Class 10) has opened the registration form for Class 9 and the application form for Class 10, even though the SEE operation and certification rights have not been decided.

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