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Temporary Teacher forms related to the interview

Published on 27/12/2018
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Temporary Teacher forms related to the interview Download Now


eacher Licensing Nepali Curriculum For Lower Secondary Level 2075

TSC Nepal exam candidates must pay good attentions toward the multiple choice questions. It is because the subjective question answers do not differ very much among the competitors. The only factor for the grading of the candidates is the objective questions. Hence we suggest all the TSC Nepal candidates to make good preparation of objective questions

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SC Primary Level Exam District Result has been pubic :–  Result Download Result PDF File

How to Write Effective Answer for Subjective Questions

The teacher service commission Nepal candidates are always trying to find the better idea to express their answer. It is because the objective questions have pre-determined answer. Therefore there is no role of answer writing skill. But in case of subjective questions the answering style also plays great role.

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