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Teacher Licensing Curriculum Nepali Lower Secondary Level 2075

Published on 12/10/2018
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This curriculum has been developed in order to test competencies required for a potential Nepali language teacher for grades six to eight. The content areas cover the knowledge and skills of Nepali language as well as the ability to use various instructional strategies and modern technology including ICT in the field of Nepali language teaching. This paper carries 65 marks that comprise of 40 objective questions each carrying 1 mark and 5 long questions carrying 5 marks as per the specification grid.

The content covered is based on the required competencies in accordance with the Teacher Competency Framework, 2072 as well as the curriculum of academic and professional qualification required as minimum for this level.

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The overall objective of this curriculum is to test whether the teacher candidates meet the minimum requirement and possess the competencies need ed to become an Mathematics teacher for grade 6 to 8 so that selection of a qualified and competent teacher can be ensured.

Download Teacher Licensing English Curriculum 


Download Teacher Licensing Primary Level Curriculum 1-5


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Download Teacher Licensing English Curriculum 

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