Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Tribhuvan University has opened bribery exchange with students who have taken the exam. At the end of the exam, the written answerbook will be passed to the student. Tej Narayan Chaudhary, administrative assistant of Triyuga Janata Multipurpose Campus in Udaipur and Accounting Officer of the Balkhu Examination Control Office, Kamal Dahal, have taken bribe and passed it on to two students from Udaipur. The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority is investigating the incident. The student of Triyuga (a) graduated from the Faculty of Education in the second year of curriculum and evaluation (2) examination on 5 June. On the other hand, Campusky (b), a graduate of the management faculty, administered the examinations on the 2nd year of the Fundamentals of Marketing (2) of the second year, and on the 4th of July of the Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (1). Both had an examination center at the Triyuga campus. The test for (a) was final. Failure to re-take the exam was not an opportunity. (B) was also in any case stressed for passing the job. However, both did not believe that poor preparation could pass. So they sought for a 'formula' to pass before the test. The person who passed the bribe could also be found. He was the exam center, Tejana Narayan Chaudhary, an administrative assistant at Triyuga Campus. Chaudhary's 'setting' was up to Panika Baluk. He had a close relationship with Panika's accounting officer Kamal Dahal. Dahal assured Chaudhary of supporting the scheme. Then Choudhary invited both the students to his house and started writing the answers in the new answer book according to the original question paper. The original answerbook of both the students who had taken the test was packed with other examiner's answer book. The fake answer book was with Choudhary. Chaudhary took the responsibility of bringing the booklet Panika Baluk from the center. Chaudhary meets Dahal in Panika. Together, they unleashed the palm of the booklet on Baloch. Removed the original answerbook for the two students. Extracted all the sheets of the original answer book, including the subject, symbolic number and official print of the examiner, inserted and stashed the fake answer book. Again, combine these two answer books in Pokémon. Answers went to Checker The results were passed by (a) bringing numbers 1 and (b) with numbers 1 and 19.  Polls open when the workplace moves

Tribhuvan University Exam Exchange the Answer Sheet

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