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Health Workers, News of Happiness, Will Be Able To Read Graduate level at Taliv Bida

Published on 24/12/2018
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Lok Sewa Aayog Exam Preparation Questions- Related Health

You need to PSC Examination Model Question Bank.  This questions Bank will help your general knowledge about Nepal. www psc gov np general knowledge questions are unique. You need more time to prepare these general questions.

HA Syllabus 2018 Downloaded PDF Files- PSC Health Assistant Syllabus 2018

Which immunity is acquired by child from mother …?

a. A. natural acquired immunity

b. P. natural acquired immunity

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c. Active artificial immunity

d. None of the above

Which is the not element of PHC….?

a. Health education

b. essential drugs

c. adolescent health

d. Immunization

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Which of the foetus blood vessel contain high oxygen concentration …..?

a. Umbilical artery 

b. Ductus arterious

c. Pulmunary artery 

d. Umbilical vein

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