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Students can also be Admitted in Class 10

Published on 17/02/2021
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From now on, students will be able to enroll in class 10. As per the amendment proposal proposed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the provision has been opened as soon as the Education Ninth Amendment Rules, 2077 BS was published in the Gazette.

Until now, there was no provision for admission of students in class 10. As per the Act and Rules, provision has been made to give Secondary Education Examination (SEE) from the concerned school after filling the registration form by enrolling in class 9.

Rule 80 of the Education Rules, 2059 has a provision regarding transfer certificates. Sub-rule (2) stated that ‘no matter what is written in sub-rule (1), transfer certificate will not be given to the student studying in class ten’. The same rule has been amended.

By amending sub-rule 920 of Rule 80910 of the original rules, the words’ in class ten ‘have been replaced by the words’ in class twelve’, ‘in the Gazette published on Monday (February 3) However, if a student who has to transfer from school due to epidemic or other such calamity has to transfer to the school of the place where he / she wants to be transferred, the concerned school will have to transfer such student. The school concerned will have to give the information to the Education Development and Coordination Unit. ‘

Previously, if the parents of the students were employees and they were transferred at that time, the transfer certificate would be given only in case of transfer of the female student in class 10 only if the female student had to be transferred elsewhere due to marital relationship.

Ram Raj Khakurel, Controller of Examinations, National Examination Board, SEE, said that students could be admitted or transferred to class 10 as soon as the regulations are amended. “As per the amendment to the rules, there is no obstacle to enroll students in class 10,” Khakurel said, adding that the board has instructed the class 9 students to fill up the registration this year as well.

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Similarly, the amended rules have amended Rule 84 of the original rules and added a restrictive phrase. “However, the Ministry may change the academic session if there is a need to change the academic session due to epidemics or other similar calamities or remote mountainous areas.”

Ganesh Rai has written the news in Kantipur.

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