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महालेखा नियन्त्रण कार्यालय
महालेखा नियन्त्रण कार्यालय

State Fund Takes all Salaries Stopped

Published on 29/08/2020
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The salaries, allowances, pensions and other benefits of the President and the Prime Minister have been withheld.

It has been delayed to distribute the salaries of ministers, federal and state parliamentarians, civil servants, security agencies, officials of constitutional bodies, local elected representatives and others in July.

Although the salary allowance is usually received within the 26th of the month, only a limited number of employees have received the salary for the month of July after Friday (September 12).

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Employees and MPs have started complaining about non-payment of daily expenses due to untimely payment of salaries. National Assembly MP Ram Chandra Rai said that he had not received his salary till Friday. He said, “I have not received my salary yet. We are adjusting the system while calling the bank. It will take a few days. ‘

A senior Nepal Police official also said that the salary had not been distributed till Friday. The official said, “Before, the salary used to come before the end of the month, but this time it has not come.” We have information that we are adjusting the system. ‘

Although some employees of the federal parliament received their salaries on Thursday, most of them did not. Meghraj Aryal, president of the official trade union, said he had received information that the new accounting system had been delayed.

“I came to the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General after many friends told me that my salary had not been paid. It is too late to start a new accounting system. I haven’t got it either, he said.

Why the delay?
According to the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General, the delay in the payment of salaries was due to lack of money in the state treasury and the introduction of a new accounting system with the new fiscal year.

According to Comptroller and Auditor General Gopinath Mainali, there was a delay in the distribution of salaries while trying to start an activity-based accounting system.

“There has been some delay in launching the activity-based accounting system, combining the computer-based government accounting system (C-GAS) and the electronic payment system (EFT),” said Mainali.

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He informed that all the employees will receive their salaries within a few days as the system update has reached the final stage. According to the government accounting system that has been in use for over 60 years, the details are based on the headings, such as salaries, allowances, fuel, medicine, spices, and so on.

Mainali claimed that now that the accounting system is based on activities, it is necessary to keep a detailed account of all transactions and that will increase transparency. According to him, the delay was due to the need to prepare all the details of the person receiving salary allowance from the state treasury in both English and Nepali languages ​​such as name, surname, nationality, post, and office.

‘Even if there is a simple mistake, the system will not accept it. Many friends are working up to 18 hours a day. Now we have reached the final stage, ”he said. He has complained that the work has been hampered even when the employees have to live in isolation due to Corona.

9 billion sent
Mainali informed that Rs 9 billion was released on Thursday.

‘Rs 9 billion has gone yesterday. Even today, a large amount of money has gone. Today’s details have not been received yet, now the process of going to tabal allowance, pension has started ‘, he said.

He said that there were some technical problems in the salary from commercial banks but no complaint was received from other banks till Friday evening.

Comptroller and Auditor General Mainali said that the money had been sent to 39 diplomatic missions abroad according to the old system.

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