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Published on 26/07/2018
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Six dimnesion of quality according to UNICEF: Quality learner, Quality process, Quality environment, Quality content, Quality outcomes  and Quality responsiveness.

Four pillars of Education According to UNESCO : Learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together

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According to Dr. Basudev Kafle: 1) Teacher 2) Textbook/ instructional materials 3) Learning environment 4) school improvement 5) Management and capacity building.

  •  Four pillars of Education: Learning to know, Learning to do, Learning to be and Learning to live together.
  •  Adding Value rather than being value neutral.
  •  School Effectiveness, efficiency of the system, Students’ achievement.
  •  SBM, Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Responsiveness, Good governance.
  •  Buttom up approach
  •  3C : Capacity, Culture and Customer


 A. Input Indicators:

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  1. Teacher- qualification, Training, Motivation, Dedication etc.
  2. Student- readiness, Motivation, desires, age etc
  3. Curriculum- Contextual, lifeskill based, vocational, Technology use etc.
  4. Management Infrastructures- Man, Money, Materials, Methods, Monitoring mechanism, Motivation, message, Information etc.
  5. Physical Facilities- Classrooms, Buildings, Lab, Toilet, Library, Playground, Furnitures, water supply

B.Process Indicators:

  1. following Acts, Rules and Regulations,
  2. Decentralized Educational Management,
  3. Effective School Leadership,
  4. Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency and Responsiveness
  5. Institutional Memory, EMIS
  6. Monitoring, Evaluatioan and Supervision
  7. Financial Procedures, Administrative Procedures
  8. Time on Task (School Opening Days, Class Hours, time Used for teaching etc.)

C. Output/Outcome Indicators:

  1. Achievement Level
  2. Customers’ Satisfaction
  3. Consumption of products in world of work
  4. Cycle Completion Rate

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