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SEE students have to study the entire course

Published on 08/03/2021
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Students engaged in the preparation of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) to be conducted in the coming May have to study the entire curriculum as prescribed. No abbreviations have been made in the pre-determined syllabus and the students have to study the entire syllabus and prepare for the exam, said the concerned official.

Ram Raj Khakurel, Controller of Examinations, SEE, National Examination Board, said that the syllabus was not abbreviated and questions would come from the entire syllabus. He said, “In order to facilitate what we teach, it is abbreviated in terms of which students will study and which teachers will teach, not for examinations.” He said that the students should prepare for the exam as they can get question papers from all the courses.

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He clarified that even if the syllabus was abbreviated during the coronavirus infection period only for easy management of teaching, it would not affect the examination. In addition, the board has made it clear that the examination program will proceed on the basis of the conduct of the examination in the previous years. Last year, the results of the SEE students were made public on the basis of the final internal assessment conducted by the school itself. Government officials have called it an exception.

Controller of Examinations Khakurel informed that the examination will be conducted in 100 integers as in the past. In the case of an experimental subject, there will be 75 marks examination and 25 marks experimental examination.

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