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SEE Internal Evaluation

Published on 06/05/2020
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On Wednesday, MP Gagan Kumar Thapa in the Education and Health Committee of the House of Representatives suggested to repeal the SEE. “This is an opportunity to cancel the SEE exam. Let’s use this opportunity, we don’t need this format of examination ’, Thapa said in the committee meeting,‘ let the students go through internal assessment in terms of taking them from class 10 to class 11. The board exam is for class 12. ‘

He suggested the government to make a policy decision so that there would be no SEE from this year and the school concerned would take the internal examination.

MP Thapa said that the government should increase coordination with the local level on issues related to education. ‘The Ministry of Education had to come out of the abyss of federalism. The Ministry of Education still considers itself the owner. It is not to give orders by taking away the rights given to the local government, ”said MP Gagan Thapa.

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MP Jeevan Ram Shrestha also said that it would be appropriate for the SEE-related school to take the decision. ‘Is it ridiculous to pass an exam for more than once? That is why we have to make policy decisions, ”he said.

MP Sarita Neupa also suggested to make a policy decision with the provision of removing Najita from the internal evaluation of SEE.

‘Can’t go online right now’

The lawmakers said that in the current situation, online reading cannot be done.

‘Mobile towers don’t come well in my district. How to teach online? It is not possible to teach online in my district, ”said MP Bhairav ​​Bahadur Singh. He suggested that it would be appropriate to start teaching after the epidemic of Corona subsided.

MP Vidya Bhattarai said that decisions on education should not be taken in a city-centric manner except for those who do not have access.

‘Crisis makes the marginalized even more marginalized. Therefore, at this time, we have to look at the marginalized and debate from their point of view, ‘says Bhattarai.

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Instructions for making concrete policy decisions related to education

After the discussion, the committee has directed to make concrete policy decisions related to education.
‘What to do about education and concrete policy decisions have to come. The ministry did not create confusion, ”said Jaipuri Gharti, chairperson of the committee.

During the discussion, some lawmakers criticized the Education Minister for making different statements about the exam.

Similarly, the committee has directed the government not to charge fees in schools and to make arrangements for non-formal education.

“The government has been instructed not to examine and admit students without a thorough assessment of the corona epidemic, not to charge fees and not to teach formally,” said Jaipuri Gharti, chairperson of the committee.

Similarly, the committee has directed the government to coordinate with the local level while deciding on education

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