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SEE Exam will end in the Second Week of Jestha

Published on 24/02/2021
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The National Examination Board (Class 10) is busy preparing for the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). The Ninth Amendment to the Education Regulations, 2059 BS has given full authority to the SEE to operate the board for one year but the board is busy preparing for the examination.

After the government issued a notice in the Gazette on March 15, 2013, there was a legal impediment to transfer the right to operate SEE until the Education Act is issued.

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Referring to the Ninth Amendment to the Education Rules, the Council of Ministers has decided to conduct the new academic session from June 1 after the end of the current academic session. The Board is also working to make the schedule for the second week by conducting SEE from the first week of May.

The board is going to print question papers centrally this year as well. Deputy Controller Sharma said that the board has already gone through the process for this.

Also, the deadline to fill the application form for the exam has expired on March 20. For the current academic session, the board had published the previous information for the students studying regularly in class 10 and those who are on the side of grade promotion to fill the application form by January 6. Again, for the second time, based on the demand of the school, the term was extended till March 20. Most of the schools have already submitted the Revenue Bank Admission Voucher for the examination fee along with the Education Development and Coordination Unit Examination Application Form. The board informed that some of the remaining schools will be able to submit their details during office hours tomorrow and will send the details to the board immediately.

According to a preliminary report from the board, about 500,000 students will be involved in this year’s SEE, including regular, grade increments.

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