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SEE Exam Preparations two Aeeks After the end of Lockdown

Published on 15/04/2020
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The Ministry of Education, Science and the Ministry of Education have made preparations to conduct the Secondary Education Examination Class 10 (SEE) examination two weeks after the end of the shutdown and other conditions become normal.

Secretary at the Ministry, Mahesh Prasad Dahal, said that the committee was working on alternative education methods and examination structure in the new situation and as preliminary suggestions were received, preparations would be made to conduct the examination based on the situation.

In a video discussion held today by the National Campaign for Education Nepal (NCE) on the exam, Secretary Dahal said that the ministry would make public its views on the exam after the government decides on the ban.

It has also been suggested that if there is an examination now, the school should have an examination center close by so that it can live in a social distance. If the risk of corona is low, the ministry will determine the sub-centers of other pre-determined examination centers and if the risk persists, other options of the examination system will be included, Dahal said.

The ministry and the committee are studying the suggestions given by the thematic working group under the high-level committee convened by former science and technology minister Ganesh Sah.

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Educationist Dr Man Prasad Wagle, on the other hand, said that the grade could be determined on the basis of the annual assessment of the students.

Laxman Sharma, president of the Nepal National Teachers’ Association, argued that the SEE examination of class 10 should not be maintained as a haguji as the entrance examination would also be held in the upper class. He said that the scores could be prepared within three days based on the internal assessment of the students within three days in coordination with the local level.

NCE Nepal President Dilliram Subedi urged the students to think about the possible psychological problems due to the bandh and to be hit harder while conducting the exams immediately.

The meeting of the High Level Coordinating Committee had decided to postpone the examination due to the risk of the virus. Four lakh 82 thousand 219 students had applied for the examination and one thousand nine hundred and 95 examination centers were fixed. The board had also postponed the Class 12 examination from March 26 and the Class 11 examination from March 25 due to the bandh.

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