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School Reopen suggested of the Local Level and School Management Committee

Published on 02/08/2020
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Experts and stakeholders have suggested that the federal government should bring procedures to empower the concerned local level and schools to reopen the schools that were closed due to the Corona epidemic.

While the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is preparing to bring the working procedure for the re-operation of the school soon, it has been suggested not to issue the working procedure in a hurry as there is no discussion with all parties in the virtual dialogue organized by the Federation of Community School Management Committee Nepal and Education Journalists Society.

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He suggested that the school should be reopened only after the security is assured or the school should be run only in low-risk areas as there is a risk of infection if the school is reopened immediately as the health security risk remains.

The government has already decided to conduct an enrollment program for the current academic session from September 1 and is urging teachers and students to be prepared for the operation of the school. Currently, learning is being continued through alternative systems with the help of information technology.

Educationist Dr. Vidyanath Koirala said that the school can be reopened by identifying the places where there is a risk of security in the school and by testing the corona of the teacher in the place where there is a risk. He expressed the view that the local government, school management committee, and the headmaster were responsible for opening the school as the tendency of the central government to give orders and the local level was not conducive to federalism.

He said that learning can be continued through alternative systems, volunteer mobilization, teacher mobilization in Toltol, etc. if the risk persists.

Rituraj Sapkota, president of the National Private and Residential Schools Association (NPABSON), said that the school should not be re-operated in this academic session as it was not operating this academic session.

FNCCI President Krishna Thapa urged the local government and the management committee to play an active role in the re-operation of the school. The FNJ pointed out that the school management committee led by the representative umbrella organization of the community school has not been able to manage the health of students, teachers and staff. Explained.

FNJ Secretary General Gunaraj Moktan, in consultation with the parents, has written to the government to clean up the existing quarantine and isolation rooms in the school, arrange alternative budget and budget for student and teacher safety, conduct psycho-social sessions, provide sanitizer and mask in the school and establish first aid room. He informed that the application has been submitted.

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