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Employees not to Explain Details of the Property Now

Published on 23/01/2020
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The government is about to remove the compulsory arrangement of submitting the property details within 5 days of the end of the financial year, appointed by a person in public office. The compulsory provision of the Prevention of Corruption Act 2059, which requires the person holding public office to submit the property details every year, is left in the discretion of the government, making the amendment bill lose.

The bill states that only certain people of a certain time and level of government should submit property details. Proposing to amend the compulsory arrangement of submitting the property details of Article 50 of the Act, the Bill states that the investigating officer shall publish the information in the Nepal Gazette and give the updated information about the source or property of his or her family name in the specified period to a national level staff, group, body or institution. You can specify whether to submit or not to submit That provision is made.

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Each year, explaining the details could easily see how the wealth of a person in public office was increasing and it also helped in research. The Anti-Corruption Act 2059 also provides for a penalty of five thousand for not updating the property details every year.

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