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डा.मनप्रसाद वाग्ले
डा.मनप्रसाद वाग्ले

Let’s Take the Results of the Annual Exam

Published on 17/04/2020
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Covid-19 (Corona virus) has been locked in lockdown for pandemic prevention and control for three weeks. How long this lockdown will take is not known.

Lockdowns have brought various problems. It also has some opportunities. In terms of education, this is not a holiday.

As in – the classes have been tested from 1 to 9, the result is now done. The results can be made public even after each teacher comes to the school. Gathering a crowd at a school does not mean that it should produce results. The current situation does not.

When the results are out, the students are in shock. The result makes them happy. In such cases the SEE and Class 11 exams do not take place. I say this – not just now, SEO is also permanently removed.

After the ‘B’ Plus comes, students will be able to study in another class. Why did I have to take such a test for that ‘B’ plus?

There is no legal basis for the Class 11 exam. However, that school has to be taken as an internal examination. However, the National Examination Board is also taking the exam.

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A level (UK), Ivy (Singapore) level is like class 12. They have also announced that they will not take the exam in May-June due to corona.
Let’s arrange for grades to be taught in another class by grading on the basis of numbers from first to third term. Father, will the student’s fate be determined by a three-hour exam?
Is it not more important that what he writes in three hours than what he has learned all year long?

So let’s not make the exam unnecessary. Let us not create an atmosphere of fear in the students facing lockdown.

Under current law, the school level is up to class 12. There are two time periods for a school-level educational session. Class 2 starts in the evening and 11th and 12th. It’s not a scientist.

Lockdown gave educational opportunity for improvement
The lockdown has provided an opportunity to correct this mistake. Let’s start classes 1-10 from now.

By evening, the question of what to do will be. Many students in community schools are weak in English and math. Let them develop language and mathematics skills by the end of the year.

When the results are out, the students are in shock. The result makes them happy. In such cases the SEE and Class 11 exams do not take place.
Some have started virtual classes. Let’s concentrate on that until the evening. For this, let us engage students using online, radio, television and telephone.

Before starting this kind of training, let’s do a technical audit through the wards. Let’s see who has the Internet or the radio in their house. And, let’s plan accordingly. This is not a holiday season. Taking lockdown as an opportunity is the time to create something new.

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The lockdown is said to have taken place by 15 Baisakh. 16 No one can dare to send their children to school even if the lock is open since Baishakh. Corona does not seem to return to school without fear. So we are not happy without technology.

Whatever facilities are possible, let’s study accordingly. Because, as long as the corona effect lasts, nobody knows.

Lockdown has given us yet another opportunity – home schooling. When in the group unable to dare send our children, let us study at home, like in the US, Australia.

For example, I’m retired. I teach my grandchildren for myself. This is not possible in everyone’s home. But, do it at home as much as possible.

Local government should arrange for the syllabus and examination. It is only after reaching class 12 that you take the exam.

Let us prepare the curriculum as per the circumstances. Students will also learn faster if they go into ‘Phenomenological Learning’. Finland’s education is one of the best in the world by adopting the same method.

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