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US Government Approves Use of Remdesivir Drugs Against Corona Virus

Published on 02/05/2020
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The US government on Friday approved an antiviral drug called Remedicivir against the coronavirus.

Which has been described as an important initiative in the US campaign against Kovid?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US government’s official drug approval agency, granted the permit as an emergency.

It was reported on Wednesday that the test results of the antiviral test were positive against the backdrop of the terrorist attack in the United States. This ‘antiviral’ drug will be given to the patient by injection as soon as it is approved. Remedicivir claims to cure patients in eleven days, compared to fifteen days of placebo.

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However, experts say it is not clear to what extent it reduces patient mortality. The drug, developed by Gilead Science, a California-based pharmaceutical company, has been shown in trials of coronavirus patients. The company has initially made medicine for 140,000 patients. The drug was first developed in 2014 for the Ebola outbreak. But experts say it has had little effect on the Ebola outbreak.

Speaking to reporters at Ozal’s office on Friday, US President Donald Trump said “remedial action” would be important in the treatment of Kovid-19 patients being hospitalized. “It is a matter of great pleasure that this medicine has received emergency approval,” he said.

Leading US government expert on communicable diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauchi said the test results did not guarantee that the Covid-19 would be eradicated even if the treatment method was adopted. Experts have been saying that there is no alternative but to wait for the vaccine for a complete cure. In the United States, more than 1.1 million people have been infected with COVID-19, and about 64,000 have died.

Written by Dinesh Jung Shah in Kantipur.

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