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Procedure for class 11 examination

Published on 02/08/2020
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From now on, the school will be able to set its own date for the Class 11 examination.

The National Examination Board (NEB) has today made public the Procedure for Conducting, Managing, Evaluating, Publishing, and Certifying Class 11 Examinations, 2077. In that procedure, the school has been given the right to conduct the examination by setting the date itself.

In the working procedure, the school has clarified that before conducting the annual examination, the concerned offices of the board should be informed about the date and time of the examination through quick means.

Similarly, only students who have at least 70 percent attendance in class 11 will be allowed to take the exam.

Students are required to register with the Board of Subjects for study in class 11. The school itself has to prepare the question papers and answer keys for the examination. For that, you have to follow the criteria set by the board.

Class 11 will be evaluated from the alphabetical system. Students will be allowed to study the same subject in class 12 as they have studied in class 11.

Before filling the application form for the Class 12 examination to be conducted in the coming April, one shift in the same day or two shifts in the same day in different subjects or one or two shifts in the same subject can be conducted. It is clearly mentioned in the working procedure that the examination should be conducted from different question papers while conducting the examination of the same subject on the basis of shift on the same day.

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In order to participate in the Class 12 examination, one has to get a minimum diploma in the theoretical and a minimum grade in the experimental in each subject of class 11.

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