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Private and Technical School Teaching Compulsory Teacher License

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Teaching cannot be done at a school or school level teaching institution without a teaching license (teacher license).

Teacher licenses have become mandatory for teaching in community schools as well as private schools and technical schools. He is currently teaching in private schools and technical schools without a license.

Such is the provision in the draft Federal Education Act prepared by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. In the draft, a separate Teaching Council has been arranged to distribute teacher licenses issued by the Teacher Services Commission earlier.

Sub-section 1 of Article 93 of Article 10 of the draft provides for the appointment of a Nepal Teaching Council for the determination of qualified persons for schooling, registration of manpower who want to enter the teaching profession, professional development, the grant of teaching license, the examination of teacher’s expertise and certification. Yes.

The council mentioned in the draft that the council should give pre-emption test to those who want to enter the school or institution as teachers and recommend to the Government of Nepal to make the teaching profession dignified and organized.

The council has a draft of updating the details of those who are involved in the teaching profession and want to be involved, renewing the teaching permits for teachers and implementing a code of conduct for the teaching and teaching profession.

The Council will also work to register and record the manpower of those who want to enter the teaching profession, meet the Teacher Professional Competency Standards, and even recommend to the Ministry that the teacher education and professional development institutions do not work in accordance with these standards.

It states that the teaching license issued by the Teacher Services Commission before the commencement of this Act shall be considered as per this Act and the work related to the teaching permit shall be from the Teachers Service Commission until the Council is established and the work is started.

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