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Prepare the Risk Allowance Directory

Published on 10/04/2020
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The Ministry of Health and Population has prepared a guideline for the physicians, nurses, health workers and aides involved in the treatment of coronary virus disease, which will be classified into three parts and accordingly will be given risk allowance. According to the Ministry of Health, the government on March 9 decided to provide 50 percent risk allowance for boosting the morale of all the health workers and allies including doctors, nurses, technicians in the treatment of coronary infected.

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According to the Ministry of Higher Sources, the Ministry has created a directory on facilities for doctors, health workers and assistants working in the front, second and third positions. According to the guidelines, the doctors, nurses, technicians and staff of the health workers, toilets and patients who are in the treatment room will be at the forefront. Directory created with collaborators

The directive will be implemented after the approval of the Cabinet Resource Council. Similarly, the Directorate has also arranged to receive insurance and indemnity equivalent to 25 lakhs as an encouragement to the doctors, nurse health workers, who are directly involved in the treatment.

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