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Preparations to Extend the Academic Years till Jestha

Published on 25/01/2021
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The academic session affected by COVID-19 will be managed by adding two more months. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has started legal consultation to extend the academic session from April to May this year.
The existing education regulations stipulate that the school should be open for 220 days a year and for 192 days of study.

As the risk of coronation is decreasing and long-term alternative education can have a negative impact on the quality of learning, the school has recently started operating in compliance with health safety standards. As classes are conducted without a winter break, it is seen to have a positive impact on the management of the academic session.

Ministry spokesperson Deepak Sharma said that discussions were underway to extend the academic session for two months.

It is stated that this issue has already been discussed in the social committee of the Council of Ministers. Discussions are also underway to start the academic session every August on the basis of the fiscal year. The new academic session will start in the second week of April by giving leave for some time after the annual examination in Chait.

The ministry has been giving legal advice to remove the obstacles as the regulations are also an obstacle to transfer the students enrolled in a school in one place due to the corona epidemic to the secondary education examination in class 10. Earlier, during the catastrophic earthquake in 2072 BS, class 10 students of 14 districts were transferred and given exams.

Krishna Thapa, president of the Federation of Community School Management Committees, Nepal, said that the preparations for extending the term of the academic session affected by the Corona epidemic were positive. He informed that they are conducting a learning continuity campaign in collaboration with the Nepal Teachers Federation and initiatives are being taken to ensure the learning of the students.

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The government had issued the ‘Student Learning Facilitation Guideline 2077’ on September 3 to include the learning of the alternative system in the academic session. The directive was issued to recognize this type of alternative learning even in the event of a school opening and other natural disasters due to the increased risk of the corona epidemic.

Along with the guideline, it will be easier for the local level and the concerned school to implement the method of assessment by enrolling students in the current academic session, collecting data, charging fees as prescribed by the local level in private schools, reducing the curriculum. Earlier, using the authority of Section 19A of the Ninth Amendment to the Education Act, 2028 BS, the Student Learning Facilitation Guideline from Alternative System, 2077 was issued on June 3 and the teaching of the alternative system was made mandatory from July 1.

The guideline states that learning achievement should be achieved by assimilating the belief that students should not be deprived of their right to study even in difficult situations and create an environment conducive for children to learn in school.

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