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Opportunity for 35 days in-service training for Union and State Khardar-Subba

Published on 27/09/2020
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Khardar-subbas working in the Union and the states will be given 35 days in-service training.

The Local Development Training Institute is going to impart 35 days of in-service training from September 10 with the objective of developing the capacity of the Gazetted Civil Service Gazetted First and Second Class employees and the fourth and fifth level employees working at the state and local level. The training will be done through online method.

According to the institute, the training will be conducted through online method as there is no favorable condition due to Covid-19 to operate using face-to-face method. Interested employees should fill the training nomination form and send a photocopy of the appointment letter of the current post by email by 5 pm on the 19th.

In order to participate in the training, laptops, computers and internet facilities must be provided by the concerned office or the participants themselves during the training period, the foundation said. Only participants who have completed at least three years of service in the current post will have to fill up the training nomination form.

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