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Now you can choose between social studies or mathematics

Published on 29/01/2021
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It has been decided to include mathematics as a compulsory subject in class 11 and 12. Students at that level will now be able to choose between social studies and lifelong learning and mathematics.

The decision was taken by the National Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council. In the past, Nepali, English and social studies and lifelong learning were made compulsory subjects. The controversy that mathematics should be made compulsory had reached the court. Although the Supreme Court dismissed the writ, it directed the government to reconsider.

Keshav Dahal, executive director of the Curriculum Development Center, said the arrangement was based on a court order. He said that one of the two subjects can be chosen as compulsory from the current academic session.

In the past, social studies and life-sustaining education were also separated, so due to controversy, social studies and life-sustaining education were merged.

A meeting of the council chaired by Minister for Education, Science and Technology Krishna Gopal Shrestha on Thursday decided to make social studies and lifelong learning and mathematics compulsory and optional (fourth group).

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“Students will be able to take mathematics as an optional subject if they have taken social studies and lifelong learning as a compulsory subject,” said Dahal. We have opened both doors. ” Both these subjects are of five credit hours.

Similarly, the council meeting has also approved new curriculum for elementary education (ECD), class 6-8 and class 9-10. According to the new academic session of 2078 BS, textbooks will be taught in all schools of ECD and class 6-8 and textbooks of class 9-10 will be taught in some schools. This year, classes 6-8 were taught as a test in 28 schools across the country and now the new textbooks for classes 9-10 will also be taught in those schools.

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