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अब सबै कर्मचारीको अवकाश उमेर ६० वर्ष

Published on 27/07/2018
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The Federal Ministry of Public Affairs and the General Administration has prepared to take the 60 years of holiday age for civil, health care and all service-servants of the service-employees to the Council of Ministers.
Dinesh Thapaliya, Secretary of the Federal Affairs and Secretary General of the Ministry, presented the proposal for 60 years of service of employees of all service employees in the ‘Federal Civil Service Act, 2075’. He said that the draft bill will be submitted as soon as the draft of the bill comes back from the law.

“It has been proposed that all the service workers, like the age of leisure age, have been proposed to make 60 years in the bill,” he told Kantipur.

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The Ministry of Finance, the Public Service Commission and the Federal Administrative Reconstruction Committee suggested that the 60 years of the age of retirement to bring equality to the employees and other service staff.

The Ministry of Finance suggested the Ministry of General Administration to set up 60 years of age in the ‘Federal Civil Service Employee Act Bill 2075′. It was suggested that the Ministry of General Administration had been advised to maintain 60 years of age of retirement, including the burden of pension (pension) being added to the government, increase in average age, diversity of the age received and all the retired age at the level and experienced staff requirements in the new structure.

The Federal Administrative Reconstruction Committee, head of the Supreme Court, Kashesh Raj Dahal, suggested that the average age of Nepal increased, the experienced manpower, the increase of pensions and the service staff should bring uniformity to the age limit.

The Lok Sabha Commission suggested that it would be suitable for 60 years to bring uniformity to the employees of all groups at the age of retirement. Now the age of 60 years of health service and staff service staff.In view of the suggestions of the meaning by the Ministry of General Administration, the draft had submitted the law for the second time in the draft. Earlier, General proposed to retire the civil servants’ retirement age in the draft draft for consensus in the ministry. General Administration Minister Lalabu Pandit was in favor of maintaining 58 years. The news that the Pokhit had not been able to increase the age of information technology, knowledge, and encouragement of new generation of pokhas in language was in Kanthapur.

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