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New Arrangement in SEE

Published on 22/03/2021
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From this year, there will be no question for blind students to fill in the map or draw pictures in the SEE exam.

Such students could not solve such questions as they had to point out the location on the given map or draw a picture.

Rudra Adhikari, Controller of Examinations of the National Examination Board (Class 10), said that other alternative questions would be asked instead of the questions that blind students could not solve. Blind students have problems in mathematics, science and social studies.

“Draw a picture, show a place on a map and ask questions. Now the question paper will be explained instead,” he said. Ordinary students will not be able to solve those questions. ” From the very beginning, there is an arrangement for blind students to take exams with the help of assistants.

Stakeholders have long been demanding a different policy for granting marks in the hands-on test for students without hands and for students with hearing impairments. The demand for the blind will be heard from this time.

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Class 11 exam draw

The National Examination Board has not yet decided on the Class 11 examination.

Last year, due to KOVID-19, the school itself conducted the examination and sent the results to the board and the same score was recognized by the board.

Chairman of the Board Prof.Dr. Chandramani Poudel said that although it was necessary to discuss about the examination method of class 11, it has not been entered yet.

“It is thought that we have to go for a new method than last year,” he said. That remains to be seen through discussion. ” According to him, even if the question papers are prepared by the board, the examination may be conducted by the school itself.

He added that the class 11 examination could be conducted in the coming month of July, adding, “Reading has started late. Therefore, the exam may not be possible in May. There may be an exam in June. If the board decides in which month to conduct the examination, the board can also decide on the examination schedule. ” The reading was delayed due to the late decision of the Supreme Court regarding the writ petition demanding non-implementation of the new curriculum for Class XI.

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