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Nepal VIP Ranking-Mayadakram

Published on 11/01/2019
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The government has publicly announced the new government’s dignity in which public representatives are placed above the employee.

After the local level election of 2074 years, the government had manipulated the dignity of people in different areas of the national life, including President. It was controversial after the local president and the local publication of the village president was kept below the captain of Nepali Army.
Similarly, the municipal mayor was kept under the Joint Secretary. According to the dissatisfaction of the dignity, the Federation of Organizations and the Federation of the People’s Federation had called for the attention of the Prime Minister.

In the new mandate, the state head is placed in the sixth number. Union Minister of State, State Chief Minister, Opposition Party leader, Nepal gem recipients, former representative, president of Constituent Assembly, Subasbakhukh, Vice President of the National Assembly and the party members of the ruling party.

Minister of State and MP of Parliament, State Minister, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan, Presidency, Chief Secretary and Principal Sainapathi are on the ninth number. Other Metropolitan Mayor, Assistant Minister of State, including the numbers are in number.

The rank of secretary, police chief, head of Subhanagar and subcontinent of Kathmandu has been united. When the head of the municipality is heading 14th and the 15th number of village elders, the government’s secretary-general is ranked 17th. (Use

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