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Nepal Telecom is Providing Free Service

Published on 21/03/2020
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Nepal Telecom is going to provide free service for those who have run out of money on mobile.

Telecom is going to provide free service to those who could not buy a recharge card due to the lockdown or could not talk and use the internet through electronic payment.

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The telecom will send a message to the SIM card detecting the balance is zero and repeatedly trying to talk to others. After completing the required process the free service will start.

The details of such customers are being collected, Managing Director of Telecom Delhi Adhikari informed Ujjalo. “We have prepared this service from tomorrow.

During the lockdown period, we want no one to be deprived of communication services when there is no money, ”the official said.

Telecom is preparing to provide 25 SMS, 50 minutes of voice and 100 MB of data for free

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