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नेपाल प्रहरी माग्यो ७२५६ प्रहरी संख्या – प्रहरी निरीक्षक देखी प्रहरी कार्यालय सहयोगी सम्म

Published on 01/10/2018
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Nepal armed force is the national resistance power of Nepal. Since numerous years this association is include in different improvement venture also. Essentially the commitment of Nepal Army in street development in remote bumpy regions is laud commendable. Nepal armed force has its very own great history.

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Nepal Army Vacancy Announcement Notice

Time and regularly Nepal armed force declares for empty posts in various regions. There are a few area and office in Nepal armed force. The primary division for the activity is armed force constrain. So adjacent to this there is armed force healing facility for the treatment of Nepal armed force compel individuals and their more distant families. So it requires specialists and other restorative laborers in Nepal armed force. This is a precedent as it were. There are other a few divisions in Nepal armed force which requires verities of labor.

We give a wide range of Nepal armed force work see in this page.

Nepal Army Job Preparation Course

In the meantime we have a few articles with respect to the online arrangement course. So we might want to propose all of you to utilize these free assets for your readiness. We have accumulation of imperative IQ question gathering for officer cadet exam. So also we have accumulation of general information inquiries in our site. So we might want to propose all of you to check these free online assets.

Nepal Army Officer Exam Preparation Guide [Curriculum]

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The open rivalry composed exam of armed force officer comprises of four subjects. These four subjects are Nepali, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. Each subject contributes 12.5 imprints questions. So we give the model inquiries for each subject. These are some example addresses just more you can take online assistance from our subject specialists.

The aggregate full checks for these four subjects are 50. Out of these fifty full check 21 marks questions are emotional and 29 marks questions are different decision questions.

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