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Nepal Idol mother dies

Published on 27/12/2018
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Nepal Idol mother dies

Vishnavevi Od, the mother of Second Nepal Idol Ravi Ode, has died. Police said that after taking cement from the water pump that was taken to the hospital on Wednesday, the police said. According to the 45-year-old, she has left the life while getting taken from Aptia Hospital to the Seti Zonal Hospital. At 7 o’clock in the morning, she had gone to use a pumpkin pump. But on the previous day, after taking the crane from the untreated pump, the treatment was brought to Padma Hospital in Attia. After the hospital referred to him by the Sethi Zonal Hospital, he died on the road while taking him to him. His body is now kept in Zonal Hospital.

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Ravi Oday has been in the house while living in the house for various celebrations. The receiver has three brothers and two sisters. All these brothers and sisters who had previously lost the birth of mother had raised up the destruction. Due to Ravi’s victory over the victory of Nepal Idol, he has suffered this tragedy in the family.
The western boundary of Nepal was born in a small tile, which was also very difficult to fill the head in Krishnapur Municipality of Kanchanpur. In the year 2054, Chai, born in the same little bull of Tait, is the third child of Ravi Bavendra and mother Uma Od. After the death of Uma, the ruin of all the unbelievers grew up.

The father of the servant, Father Rajendra, is still working in India, to take the family. The cadre had fallen from Kanpur to the Grand Hurriyat mountainous district. The beneficiaries were searching Kanchanpur from Sapbabagar Municipal (Savikik Budhkot VDC), in Achham, searching for a quick source of grandparents and father-in-law. Due to poverty, their father and grandparents are earning two or four rupees by working for ‘Palay’. Ravi was also the sister police in the Constituent Assembly election in the year 2070.  (By Google translate)

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