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Nepal Army Job Vacancy Notice 2079

Published on 09/09/2022
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The Nepali Army has opened applications for the recruitment of 4,000 soldiers.

By publishing a notice in the Gorkhapatra on Friday, Nepal Army’s Shree Sena Recruitment Directorate, Work Chariot Department, Jangi Adda has requested applications for the said post.

Among the quotas demanded, there are 200 for military families, 2088 for open, 330 for women, 550 for tribals, 480 for Madhesi, 252 for Dalits and 80 from backward areas.

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According to the army, the application for recruitment must be registered by 30th Asoj 2079.

For admission, height should be 5 feet 3 inches, chest should be 32 inches when not inflated, 34 inches when inflated and weight should be 50 kg. In the case of women, height should be 5 feet and weight should be 40 kg.


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