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Ncell Bonus Data Package

Published on 08/05/2021
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Ncell Axiata Limited has announced various relief offers in its services. The company has brought such a relief package that uninterrupted access to essential communication services is even more important in the current communication market.

Accordingly, the company’s users will get a bonus on every recharge, an attractive bonus on data service, a special pack for working from home and online work, and various additional features in Ncell loan. The company believes that this will help the customer to stay in touch with his family, relatives, and friends in case of maintaining social and material distance and get the necessary help in case of any emergency.

Bonus Data on Each Recharge

Under this offer, customers will get bonus data on every recharge of Rs 50 or more.

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In which you will get 50 MB bonus data on Rs 50 to Rs 99 recharge. Bonus data will be valid for one day.

Get 100 MB bonus data on Rs 100 to Rs 199 recharge. Bonus data will be valid for 2 days.

Get 200 MB bonus data on Rs 200 to Rs 299 recharge. Bonus data will be valid for 3 days.

Get 300 MB bonus data on Rs 300 to Rs 499 recharge. Bonus data will be valid for 5 days.

Get 1000 MB bonus data on Rs 500 to Rs 999 recharge. Bonus data will be valid for 15 days.

Double Data in 30 Day Data Pack

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Under this offer, which has been in operation since April 7, customers will receive an additional data bonus equal to the volume of the 30-day data pack.

Customers can get 3.5 GB of data for Rs 249 including tax and get the same data bonus i.e. a total of 7 GB of data.

Similarly, customers who get 6 GB of data for Rs 399 including tax will get an additional 6 GB bonus and a total of 12 GB.

Those who buy 10 GB of data for Rs 499 will get a total of 20 GB of data. The validity period of the bonus data received is 30 days.

Work From Home Offer

Under this data pack

In the daily data pack, customers will be able to get 2 GB of app data for Rs 31 including tax. With this data volume, platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet can be used from 6 am to 6 pm. Customers will also get 150 MB of all time data.

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Under the weekly pack, customers can use 14 GB app data and 3 GB all time data for Rs 127 including tax.

To choose this data pack, you can dial * 17123 # and choose the pack from the Work from Home offer according to your need.

Bonus on purchase of packs through digital platform

Customers can easily avail Ncell’s services and facilities through digital platforms like Ncell app, chatbot and website.

In addition, customers can also avail various bonuses when purchasing services through digital platforms. 1 day pack (at Rs. 18), 7 day pack (at Rs. 98) and 14 day pack (at Rs. 139) with 150 MB to 2 GB bonus data facility.

Similarly, under the Triple Fun Pack, you can get a bonus of Rs 109 for a 7-day pack, Rs 147 for a 10-day pack and Rs 459 for a 30-day pack, ranging from 0.5 GB to 0.75 GB.

Ncell Loan Additional Facility

Customers of this company can now borrow up to Rs 80 on the old service fee under the loan service.

The company also said that customers can borrow up to 1,200 MB of data. For this facility, customers can recharge and pay Rs 82.55 including data charges, service charges and taxes.

With the loan service, customers can get 15 minutes of talk time for one day at Rs 12.55 and 200 MB of data at Rs 22.55.

Borrow from Ncell by dialing * 9988 #.


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