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National Medical Education Bidek 2075

Published on 25/01/2019
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According to the ruling MPs, this bill dated Dr. KC has completed the demand of 95 percent. This bill has banned the medical college for Kathmandu for the past 10 years. Government will encourage the government to set up the medical colleges who completed their infrastructure through the government outside the valley. In addition, a university will get only five medical colleges.

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These points are recommended for work on the forehead and Dr. There is also a consensus with Govind KC. It is mentioned that the government will open a public medical college in the state, which will not open the medical university within 5 years and there is no public medical college or establishment.

Also, scholarship has been provided to the victims of the martyr family, the injured victims and the movement of the people’s movement. In addition, it is mentioned that medical college is non-defective within 10 years .

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