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Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal-When to Open PSC Advertisement Notice

Published on 07/01/2019
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Kathmandu: The task of the Public Service Commission has been affected in the name of employee adjustment. In the request of the government, the commission had completed the schedule for the first time for two months. On the basis of two months, the commission called on the commission for justice service, the legislative service service and the auditorium’s only authorized level.


Local level 17 thousand and other services have 2,000 employees. There are still some 30,000 employees. The commission estimates that after the adjustment arrangement of special arrangement of three level vacant posts will be made.

Now local level, state and union will have different advertisements. After the adjustment was completed, Subedi said that the responsibility of the post of union, state and local level would be the federal locals.

Govind Prasad Kusum, former member of the Commission, has been influenced by the working conditions in the state. He said that due to the completion of three major elections, the country has affected the workplace

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