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Lok Sewa Aayog Exam Update

Published on 16/05/2020
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The Public Service Commission (PSC) has decided to conduct the examination for all the posts that were tested in the first phase and the advertisements were opened after the epidemic of Kovid-19 subsided. The commission has stated that it will hold the postponed examination as soon as the epidemic subsides.

Spokesperson of the Public Service Commission Geetakumari Humegain said that the examination for the remaining posts to be taken by the commission will be held after the epidemic of Covid-19 spreads worldwide. Humegain informed that all the examinations held in the first phase and the forms understood by the commission will be held regularly. “It’s not a cancellation, it’s a postponement,” said spokeswoman Humegarin.

With the government deciding to postpone all public service exams until further notice, many candidates who were preparing for public service were confused. The cabinet meeting held on 14 April had decided to request the commission to postpone all the work related to the filling of posts.

According to Humegain, the advertisement of the post that should be opened as per the annual schedule of the public service will not be opened. In the advertisement to be opened now, the spokesperson Humegarin informed that the conclusion will be reached after discussing with the government. “The matter is being discussed in the commission,” said spokesperson Humegain.

It is said that all the recruitment process has to be stopped as the economic condition of Nepal will be weakened due to COVID-19 and it will be difficult to meet the expenses. The new recruitment process has become uncertain as the process of adding staff has been stopped to reduce current expenses.

According to the spokesperson of the commission, Humegain, the examinations will not be stopped as all the advertisements have been done as per the annual work schedule, but the examinations will not be held as there are still advertisements for technical buyers.

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Similarly, examinations of institutes and other bodies have also been postponed, said Humegain. Humegain also requested those who have already filled the form through advertisement to be prepared during the lockdown. “No one knows when the epidemic will subside, so it’s best to keep preparing for the exams, even if it’s confusing,” said spokeswoman Humegain.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Basanta Adhikari, said that there would be no problem in stopping the recruitment if the staff could not be mobilized during the lockdown.

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