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List of Public Holidays 2077 BS in Nepal

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The 2077 BS Public Holidays List. So you can get it for your record. The ministry of information and communication finalize with the discussion of other ministries about public holidays in Nepal.

The Government of Nepal is going to give public holidays about 78 days a day in 2077 years.

According to the Home Ministry, there are 10 types of public holidays. The holidays will vary by race, gender and region.

This holiday will be effective from 1st Baishak, 2077 till the end of Chaitra.

The ministry is going to give a holiday in 2077 for 52 days on Saturday, feast holidays, greenery for women, females celebrating Jitia feasts. Some will receive 78 days public holidays and some will receive few days, according to the ministry.

According to the ministry, only education institutes are going to give vacation to Panchimi.

Likewise, Jatra Holidays, Dashain holidays, festival holidays, day holidays, disabled employees will be given separate holidays, birth anniversaries and nationally celebrated but open offices.

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