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Karmachari Samayojan Sammbadhi Question and Ansewer – Samayojan

Published on 28/12/2018
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The questions asked repeatedly regarding employee adjustment and the answers to those questions have been provided to all interested stakeholders.

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1. What does the employee adjustment mean?

2. How is adjustment done?

3. What will be the basis of adjustment?

4. Can husband / wife be adjusted in one place?

5. What does not happen in the adjustment process?

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6. Who does the “Government Service Employee” mean?

7. Who does “other service staff” mean?

8. What are the benefits of adjustment?

9. When the adjustment goes on, the employee has a dining facility.

10. What does the adjustment affect the growth of the body?

11. Which post is the adjustment?

12. Who will be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village and municipalities and District Coordination Officer of District Coordination Committee?

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13. Who does adjustment?

14. What happens to the rights of the foreign-based and study-fared employees?

15. What happens to the employee’s staff?

16. Adjustment is age restriction?

17. What happens to the permanent employees of the government services, which have no restrictions in the Union,

Territories and the local level?

18. Which office in Fazil will refer to the “Officers’ Office?

19. How does the educational qualification require the qualification to be adjusted in the sixth level authorized

degree from the Unauthorized first class level?

20. Is service change and adjustment?

21. What will happen about voluntary leave?

22. What service service retirement is available when employees with adjustment in the sixth grade in service and local level services from government services are retired?

23. How to update personal details?

24. Who should go to the position where there is an adjustment within 2075/08/28?

25. How does the local body get permanent appointment? How are employees employed at local level?

26. How is the adjustment of employees employed at the local level found a permanent appointment from District

Development Committee of Sikik?

27. How do the employees of the District Coordination Committee get adjustment for the permanent recruitment

from the district development committee?

28. Whether or not grade or folding should be adjusted when adjusting to local level related to other service

personnel defined by the ordinance?

29. What will happen if the government service staff does not appear on the bodies being transferred?

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