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helth ministry office
helth ministry office

Health Ministry – Creating a New Health Policy

Published on 05/01/2019
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Q.N. Syphilis is mostly infected in…..?

a. Primary stage

b. Secondary stage

c. Tertiary stage

d. Both a&B

Q.N.. Oogenesis begins ……?

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a. Before birth b. At 1st year of birth

c. At puberty d. At reproductive age

Q.N. Ophthalmia neonatum is caused by ..?

a. Chlamydia

b. Gonococcus

c. Klebsella

d. Influenza virus

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Q.N. Inability of a male to erect his penis during sexual intercourse is …?

a. Infertility b. Impotence c. Sterlity 

d. All of the above

Q.N.Termination of pregnancy before the age of viability is called …..?

a. Menstruation

b. Implantation

C. Abortion

d. Caesarian section

Q.N. The nature of semen is ……?

a. Acidic

b. Alkaline

c. Salty

d. natural

Q.N.7. Arterial supply of penis is …..?

a. Coronary artery

b. Carotid artery 

c. Pudendal artery

d. Vestibular artery

Q.N.8 Spermatozoa get nutrition from ….?
a. Glucose

b. Glactose
c. Maltose

d. Fructose

Q.N.9. Mucopurlent yellow discharge from vagina is seen in ….?

a. Trichomoniasis

b. Bacteria vaginosis

c. Candidasis

d. Chlamadial vaginitis

10.. KAHN test is done for diagnosis ….?

a. Gonorrhoea

b. Syphillis 

d. Trichomoniasis

The Ministry of Health and Population has begun the necessary process to make new health policy. The ministry is planning to make new policy keeping the new constitution and federal structure at the center.

The Ministry has prepared the initial draft draft policy. The ministry will formulate the final form of policy by taking the draft draft into discussion.

The Ministry has also drafted the draft draft process and also started the process of discussions.

The National Health Policy 2075 has been directed primarily in the constitutional framework of constitution, federal structure and quality health services of Nepal, “the ministry said.

According to the draft, the Ministry has rendering this policy based on the directive principles of the country to ensure the basic rights of the citizens provided by the constitution.

A) Fundamental rights of the citizen receiving basic health services free of charge

B)Equitable access to healthcare

C) Improve the health system as a federal structure

D) Experiment of new technology and quality health services

E) Domestic partnership and collaboration

F) Health Goods

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