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Head Teacher Separate posts, TSC will be selected for a separate examination

Published on 23/12/2018
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TSC Nepal All Level Collection Object Questions 

TSCNepal has starting late opened the open door for each one of Primary, Lower Secondary and Secondary level system educators. We have this TSC  Nepal business in our past articles. So in case you have to get some answers regarding the TSC Nepal work see please watch our articles in the class TSC.

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Kathmandu The High-level National Education Commission has prepared a report drafting with the proposal to arrange separate posts of principal and provide complete scientific self-determination.

The drafting report has been submitted in the draft report for the teacher’s choice for the examination of the examination examination of teachers with 2 years of experience experience.

In the draft report submitted in the National Education Conference on Thursday, the local government has proposed to conduct work on the basis of definitive results in the royal status of the school committee, and the teacher has also proposed to compromise performance with PR.

The news has been kept at the news if the executive posts of the universities have been made to compete on the basis of capacity and competency based competitiveness and to test the leadership from the employees involved in the education administration and send only qualified persons to the executive posts.

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