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Government Employee Adjustment Form opened

Published on 27/12/2018
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How to Fill of Government Employ Form

The form can be filled through In the software prepared by the Ministry, employees will get their entry entry and choose the level they want to adjust.

The government has formulated the form for adjustment. The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Affairs has requested to issue the Adjustment Form and the information form can be filled through online. 21 days for government service staff and for the permanent employees of the organization organized within 15 days.

 As the basis for adjustment is considered to be seniority, senior staff will be posted only to other employees only in the remaining places. The employee has demanded that the government should make the decision to obstruct their growth in employee adjustment ordinance issued by the government on December 23. The Government has set up 1 lakh 38 thousand 178 across the country for employee adjustment. According to the Ministry of General Administration, 47 thousand 920, 22 thousand 755 in the state and 67 thousand 503 in the local level were reported.

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