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Published on 24/05/2018
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Samsung’s new S arrangement leaders have caught the heart and consideration of numerous cell phone aficionados. In any case, before you get excessively excited, it has some genuine shortcomings. In the wake of attempting the new Galaxy S8 and S8+ for myself, here are the reasons why I trust you should reconsider before purchasing either gadget.


There’s no denying that the Galaxy S8 is a lovely looking gadget with prevalent form quality. The bended outline of the S8 is striking and present day, and the decision to put glass on the two sides surely adds to the exquisite impact. Be that as it may, there are three issues with this, as I would see it. As a matter of first importance, glass is delicate, even Gorilla Glass 5.

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In the drop test underneath, you’ll perceive how the S8+ holds up against the iPhone 7 Plus. Ahead of schedule in the drop test, at only two minutes into the video, the glass on the back of the S8+ breaks, while the iPhone 7 Plus’ back looks totally unscathed. While the telephone is as yet practical, you can state farewell to Samsung’s ideal stylish.

On the off chance that you want to simply repair the telephone effectively when it breaks and your issues will be settled, you’re dead off-base. Repair site iFixit simply distributed the aftereffects of their teardown, and the S8 and S8+ got an exceptionally poor repairability score. They found that both glass boards are held set up by solid glue, making it hard to supplant inside parts (like the non-removable battery) and the glass (particularly on the front, which could demolish the show).

There are a few different reasons why a glass-sponsored S8 might not have been the best decision. The S8 gets shrouded in fingerprints the minute you remove it from the case. This draws consideration far from the delightful plan, particularly on the back of the dark model. I don’t think about you, yet I don’t need my telephone looking continually smeared and grimy.

Also, there’s one final reason I don’t think the glass back was an extraordinary thought: the telephone case. Most by far of individuals I know utilize telephone cases. Regardless of whether they’re silicone or cowhide, cover a little or a considerable measure, no less than 90 percent of the telephones I see are secured by cases. Samsung has made a lovely gadget, however it’s delicate and costly – and any individual who thinks about their telephone will select to cover it with a case to ensure it. Things being what they are, the reason influence a glass back that individuals to will barely ever observe and welcome the excellence of? The exchange off of making it more delicate simply isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits to me, regardless of whether you get remote charging ability, particularly given that these telephones are difficult to repair. To compound the situation, Samsung even made these appallingly, dishonorably revolting authority S8 cases.


Samsung appears to appreciate copying Google’s endeavors with regards to applications, and the outcomes aren’t predominant. Making things like Samsung Internet and S Voice, the producer has been putting forth inconsequential and even less helpful other options to stock Android applications for quite a while. What’s more, now, notwithstanding the various Samsung bloatware, the organization is attempting to constrain Bixby onto its clients.

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Bixby the most recent in a swarmed market of AI collaborators effectively overwhelmed by Google Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa. It does little to separate itself highlight astute, and far and away more terrible, voice enactment won’t be accessible in the US until at some point “later this Spring”. That implies you can get what might as well be called the exemplary Google Now cards, however you won’t have the capacity to utilize voice charges, a focal element, until a while after the gadget is made accessible on April 21

All cell phones available accompany in any event some bloatware, yet Bixby was especially shoddy for a top of the line gadget. Clients are left with a devoted catch intended to urge them to utilize an AI associate that doesn’t work completely yet. Since Bixby has been advanced in that capacity a focal offering purpose of the S8, it’s certain to be a let down in its present state.


Why get the new Samsung leader when you could show signs of improvement esteem? With the new Xiaomi Mi 6, you get a similar delight (and delicacy) as the S8+, yet with better specs for a large portion of the cost.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 includes the style of the Xiaomi Mi 5 converged with that of the Samsung Galaxy S7. /© Xiaomi

The simply reported Xiaomi Mi 6 has a similar Snapdragon 835 processor as the S8 and S8+, and it arrives in a rendition with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of capacity – simply like the South Korean-selective adaptation of the S8+ with 6 GB of RAM. All things considered, the Mi 6 offers considerably more: 12 MP double cameras, a bigger 3,350 mAh battery and an essentially bring down sticker price – around a large portion of the cost. It is just $420 contrasted with $1,017 (changed over to US Dollars). The main disadvantage in my psyche is that it offers less screen land: 5.15 inches, contrasted with the 6 GB S8+ show’s 6.2 inches. Regardless, the Mi 6 is an awesome looking gadget, with bended glass on the front and back like the S8, joining the style of its Mi 5 ancestor with that of the Galaxy S7.


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The Galaxy S8 might cement another bended glass configuration incline, yet the gadget isn’t setting the bar with regards to cell phone photography. The pattern generally has been double cameras. LG’s most recent leader has a double 13 MP raise camera, the iPhone 7 Plus has one, the previously mentioned Xiaomi Mi 6 has one, and a lot of others do too. Be that as it may, not exclusively do the S8 and S8+ not highlight a double camera, these gadgets utilize the camera of their antecedents! The S8 highlights a similar 12 MP sensor and double pixel innovation that the Galaxy S7 has. The camera of the S7 was extraordinary compared to other when it was discharged, yet by stopping, the S8 is falling behind the group as of now.

Contrasting the Galaxy S8 and its forerunner, the Galaxy S7

The S8 and G6: not having a double camera is a set back since the opposition has one. /© AndroidPIT

Shockingly, there have been some little upgrades to the product and front camera. The front camera was updated from 5 to 8 MP, and the camera programming presently utilizes multi-outline handling – naturally taking numerous shots and consolidating them into one, ideally enhanced, result.

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