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Federal Civil Service Act 2075

Published on 14/01/2019
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  Federal Employee Law Download Pdf File 

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Federal Employee Law Download Pdf File 

View Federal Employee Law Pdf File

View Sanghiya Nijamati Ean 2075 Download PFD file

What is a civil service? What services are there?

In the clause 243 of the Constitution of Nepal, the term “civil service” refers to the post of all other services of the Government of Nepal except for the post of the service of the soldier or the Nepal Police or the Armed Police Force, the post of service of the Nepalese employees and the post of the civil service, not the post of the civil service. In addition, services made in accordance with Section 3, 1949, are called civil service. Those services are as follows: –

  1. Nepal Economic Planning and Statistics Service

2. Nepal Agricultural Service

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3. Nepal Foreign Service

4. Nepal Audit Service

5. Nepal Miscellaneous Service

6. Nepal Engineering Service

7. Nepal Justice Service

8. Nepal administration service

9. Nepal Forest Service

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10.Nepal Education Service ..

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