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Faculty in Class 11 Leaves this Year

Published on 28/09/2020
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Kathmandu: The government has stated that it is committed to implementing a new curriculum in school education in class 11 from this academic session.
Despite serious objections to the curriculum prepared by the operators of class 11 and 12, the Ministry of Education has stated that it is committed to start teaching according to the new curriculum.
According to the plan to take up to class 12 in school education, it is planned not to do the two-year education after SEE, which was earlier considered as higher secondary education, in a faculty manner.
Earlier, students in classes 11 and 12 in the faculties of science, humanities, education and management had been studying the corresponding courses.
However, the government had decided to remove the faculty from this academic session by implementing a new curriculum and teaching it as a regular school level. Accordingly, the Ministry of Education and the Center for Curriculum Development have stated that the new curriculum is almost ready.
According to the new syllabus, there are three compulsory subjects. There are four groups of elective subjects. Students from any of the three groups must study one subject at a time.
In classes 11 and 12, Nepali, English and social studies and lifelong learning have been made compulsory subjects. Out of the four groups of elective subjects, the student has to choose one subject out of three subjects.
‘The book is being printed, some courses in the final stages’

According to Keshav Prasad Dahal, Director General of the Curriculum Development Center, the curriculum of two compulsory subjects has been prepared and they have given permission to the Janak Education Materials Center to print it.

He said, “Even though the syllabus of Nepali and English subjects has been prepared, the printing work is going on.” The curriculum for social studies and lifelong learning has reached its final stage. ‘

He said that it has taken time to prepare the curriculum of the subject as the subject to be included in social studies and life-sustaining education has changed recently. “We have reached the final stage. We will decide on the syllabus and send it to the press within two weeks,” he said.

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He informed that the subject of the elective group will be printed by a private publisher. He said, “The syllabus of the elective subject has been prepared and submitted for suggestions.” Those issues will also be decided soon. ‘

Nepali and English subjects are being printed by Janak Shiksha Samagri Kendra. A spokesperson of the Center, Chitra Acharya, has informed that 50 percent of the four lakh books have been printed in the last one month.

He said that they are also ready to publish the book after the Curriculum Development Center prepares the curriculum for social studies and life skills.

Disputes and allegations regarding the new curriculum

Although the Curriculum Development Center has said that it has prepared a new curriculum and is preparing to implement the printing work from this academic session, it is not at ease due to controversy and allegations.

The Higher Secondary Schools Association (HISAN) has been protesting against the new curriculum saying that it is not practical to implement the curriculum in the current academic session due to the corona virus epidemic.

Hisan claims that such a curriculum is not scientific and does not produce a practical or quality person in any case.

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Hisan central general secretary Lok Bahadur Bhandari accused the new curriculum of being brought against the interest of the students due to vested interests.

He said, “Linguistic subjects like Nepali and English and social and vital education have been made compulsory subjects due to the vested interest in preparing the textbook according to the field in which the student wants to go in the future.” At the university level, the way students choose for themselves is not taken into account. ‘

He has alleged that the curriculum has been prepared in an archaic manner instead of making it scientific, despite their repeated calls for attention.

He said, “This year, a long period of academic session has been wasted due to the epidemic. It is not possible to do the basic work that needs to be done to implement the new curriculum. We have started the study according to the old syllabus this year and demanded more discussion on the new syllabus. ‘

Hisan officials claimed that the allegations of money laundering during the initiative to implement the old curriculum were baseless and that they had not done so.

Despite protests from private educational institutions, the Ministry of Education says it is committed to the previous decision to implement the new curriculum from this academic session.
Education Secretary Gopinath Mainali said, “The new curriculum will be implemented from this academic session as per the decision of the government.” The ministry is and should remain committed to that decision. ‘

He claimed that work is being done to implement the new curriculum as per the previous decision even though the situation is not comfortable.

Contrary to the claim of the Ministry of Education, only two compulsory subjects have been printed so far and the curriculum of other subjects has not been finalized yet.

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