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Details of the IEMIS uploads the schools

Published on 02/01/2019
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Very important information about EMIS related to all schools, education development and coordination unit and local level

According to the details of each school’s academic session on the basis of the details of the first session on September 3rd, the date of the information on its school’s educational statistics, according to the electronic based IEMIS website, was repeatedly uploaded to According to the school statistics of 32,005 schools, under the State / District / Municipality, according to the school statistics Details of the public has been. According to the statement, the necessary resources, manpower and grants will be taken for the school and local level, as the details were published in the details of the concerned Guptika / Municipality and the recommendations of the Education Development and Coordination Unit, date 2075/9, schools may not necessarily update or upload This center’s email address with recommendation with technical difficulties [email protected] All people related to sending are requested. In addition, all the details of the schools run by all the education development and coordination units related to all types of types (community, institutional, religious) and folding (pre-Pvt to Class 12) have not been uploaded, nomination of nominations and current operation If a school description (student, teacher installed) is discontinued uploading, upload information immediately or iemisn this email address A related unit is requested to provide the recommendation at [email protected] Also, this center is strongly recommended for the local level to provide support to the local level.

PS: Since the local level (parent) has asked the online ID or passward to provide detailed details of any EMIS related to any or all of the schools under its level, the official request or a scanned copy email address is sent to [email protected] All local layers connected are requested.

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