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Deferred Examination in Jestha

Published on 16/04/2020
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Kathmandu Minister for Education, Science and Technology Girirajmani Pokharel has said that post-mortem examinations will be continued in the coming May. Minister Pokhrel said this after an online meeting with the Minister of Social Development of the seven states on Thursday.

School level SEE, Class 11 and 12 exams are postponed due to the Corona virus (Covid-19). Similarly, the examinations of the Technical Education and Training Council (CTEVT) and 11 universities have also been postponed.

“Due to the epidemic, we (the government) have been forced to think in a new way,” Minister Pokhrel said after the meeting with the state government, “We have reached the point of holding the postponed examination in the coming May if the crisis is not prolonged. We get different opinions, suggestions from experts as well. ‘

As per the direction of the ministry, the examination was completed within the last five days till the school level class 9. The results of the completed exams must be published within a week of the lockdown. The ministry said schools could enroll / recruit students for a new session next week after the results were published.
“The government heads the task of eliminating the national crisis over the epidemic,” said Minister Pokharel, adding, “The Ministry of Education has moved forward with the idea of ​​preparing an environment for holding post-mortem examinations from the third week of lockdown.” If the examination centers are designated in those schools, then the municipality and the state government will have to coordinate and manage them.

The Ministry has made technical preparations for students in the preparation of examinations for the SEE, Classes 11 and 12 for immediate reading / teaching from distance, online and virtual classes. For this, ‘Education, Teaching Methods and Options Thematic Committee’ has been constituted under the auspices of Vice Chancellor of the Open University, Lakhnath Sharma. This committee will suggest alternative arrangements for the overall education and teaching method. Also, suggestions on using television, radio and FM as alternative teaching methods will be included.

“The overall pattern of education and teaching methodology, from school to university, will be taken forward in a new way,” said Sharma, coordinator and vice-chancellor. ‘Based on the suggestions, the government devised a virtual education policy The loan is learned.

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Similarly, the Ministry has taken immediate action to verify thematic digital content targeted at the school level. “Not only digital content created under the ministry but also those created by other private institutions are being verified,” said Deepak Sharma, a spokesman for the ministry. . Universities have begun conducting virtual classes using technology after the corona virus infection has prolonged.

Ganesh Rai has written the news in Kantipur.

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