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Dalle Khursani ko Achaar (Pickled Round Chili)

Published on 11/06/2018
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Dalle Khursani (round stew) is one of the most sweltering chilies found on the planet. It is likewise ordinarily called Akbare khursani. There is another assortment super hot bean stew ordinarily found in Nepal called Jeere Khursani, an exceptionally minor stew yet has extraordinary warmth, which name gets from its size like cumin (Jeera). Dalle khursani is relatively round cherry size and splendid red when completely mature. It is developed and broadly devoured in Nepal. It is utilized to make crisp or aged pickle and zest up curry, daal or soup. It is prominent amid icy winter a long time as its warmth keeps the body warm. Cured one either essentially in vinegar or with flavors is the most well known and can be jostled for a while, and devoured alongside daal bhaat tarkari.

Homegrown Dalle khursani (Round bean stew)

This bean stew isn’t for cowardly individuals however once you begin devouring it, you will get addictive to its warmth and flavor. In spite of the fact that the bean stew is super hot, shockingly it doesn’t have any consequence consuming impact not at all like different chilies. It is additionally accepted to have therapeutic advantages. It is additionally a high esteem trim and sold for around Rs. 500 for every kg. It can be developed all over the place, yet better in sandy soils and in areas with mild wet atmosphere.

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Dalle khursani ko achaar (Pickled round bean stew) in glass jolt


400 gm of Akbare/Dalle Khursani

10 Cloves of Garlic

4-5 cm estimate Ginger

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4 tbs garlic and ginger glue

4 tbs Yellow Mustard (coarsely grounded)

1 ½ tbs coriander powder

1 ½ tbs cumin powder

1 tsp Turmeric powder

2 tbs Red Chili (coarsely grounded)

1 tbs Fenugreek seed

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1 container Vegetable Oil (ideally mustard oil)

1 Lemon/lime


Sun dry the Akbare/Dalle khursani in a plate, along half cleaved cloves of garlic and ginger, for multi day or two in coordinate daylight. It helps in drying out some dampness, and furthermore helps in safeguarding the pickle for quite a while.


Sun-dried Dalle khursani, garlic and ginger for multi day

Clean an expansive bowl and glass bump (around1 liter limit with regards to safeguarding) with boiling water to sterile and chill it off. Ensure there is no dampness in the bowl and glass bump.

In a container, warm around 5 tbs of vegetable oil or mustard oil. Sear fenugreek seed, and garlic and ginger glue until the point when it turns out to be light dark colored. Kill the warmth and include turmeric, cumin and coriander powder, yellow mustard (coarsely grounded), red stew powder (coarsely ground) and crush some lime juice. Give the flavor blend a chance to chill off.

Make entry point in some Dalle khursani to discharge their warmth and flavor, which will zest up the pickle. Exchange all the dale khursani in bowl, include around a tbs of salt, and pour every one of the flavors blend. Coat flavors blend altogether in all Dalle khursani using a spoon.

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