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Lok Sewa Aayog Exam Preparation Old Questions- Related Health Set-2

Published on 19/12/2018
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Lok Sewa Ayog General Knowledge

You need to PSC Examination Model Question Bank.  This questions Bank will help your general knowledge about Nepal. www psc gov np general knowledge questions are unique. You need more time to prepare these general questions.

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More Objective questions Download PDF File

When was the Department of Drug Administration established?

a. 2040 BS

b. 2036 BS

c. 2033 BS

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d. 2025 BS

Primary Health Care outreach service package includes

a. Health Education

b. Counselling

c. Referral and follow up

d. All of the above

HA Syllabus 2018 Downloaded PDF Files- PSC Health Assistant Syllabus 2018

Which of the following types of bandages are used frequently?

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a. Roller Bandage

b. Bandage

c. Triangular bandage

d. Plaster bandage

The entry and development or multiplication of an infectious agent in the body of man or animals is

a. Infection

b. Infestation

c. Vector

d. Contamination

Inflamation of kidney called ……

a. Glomerulonephritis

b. Pyelonephritis

c. Renal disease

d. Calculi

Which is not a component of epidemiology?

a. Distribution of disease

b. Determinants of disease

c. Disease frequency

d. Epidemic of disease

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