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National Examinations Board (NEB)
National Examinations Board (NEB)

Class 11 examination will be taken by the school

Published on 05/07/2020
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The government has decided to hand over the responsibility of conducting class 11 examinations and final evaluation of students to the concerned school. The National Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council has made a policy decision to give the right to conduct class 11 examinations to the school concerned.

Keshav Dahal, Director General of the Curriculum Development Center, informed that the government has decided to give the right to conduct an assessment by conducting class 11 examinations.

With this decision of the government, the right to conduct class 11 examinations and final assessment of students, which has been conducted from the central level for a long time, has reached the school level. Since the beginning of class 11 in Nepal in 2049 BS, examinations were conducted from the central level and the results of students were published.

Procedure to be made by the Examination Board.

The National Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council has also decided that the National Examination Board will formulate necessary procedures to implement this decision. He also said that the criteria for conducting the examination, criteria for giving assessment marks to students, and the basis of certification would be clarified.

The board has been given the right to look into the final records of the students and also issue educational certificates. In addition, the class 11 examinations, which are currently in abeyance, will now be conducted and evaluated by the school itself.

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The school will also open the way for students studying in class 11 to study in class 12 after the final assessment. Also, the long-standing confusion among those students is now being removed. The Class 11 exam, which was supposed to be conducted last April, has been postponed due to coronavirus infection.

Earlier, the government had decided to give the right to conduct the final assessment of the Class 10 Secondary Education Examination (SEE) to the school for once. The government plans to legally manage the Class 10 exams from next time.

Class 12 exams from the old system

Secondary level class 12 will be examined by the National Examination Board. As the law is clearly mentioned in the case of class 12 examination, no further policy decision has to be taken and the board will conduct the examination as soon as the time is right, said the concerned official.

Class 12 exams are also on hold. The schedule for conducting the examination was made public by the National Examination Board last April, but the examination was stopped on April 19 following the directive of the government

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